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DCT Amusements
6017 Snell Ave PMB#500
San Jose, CA 95123

Phone and Fax

Telephone: 408-814-8888
Fax: 408-365-0602

Contacting us? Some Things you should have ready:

Letting us know exactly what the problem is beforehand can significantly reduce the amount of time in determining repair cost / time / and ability. Having Pinball keys (coin door and head of game), Arcade keys (coin doors and back of game), and the Manual / Schematics is a great help, and access to the machines (please don't have items piled under or around game) and Lighting available to service the game will make our visit go much smoother. Please inform us of the location of the game if it is being picked up before we arrive. Games that are on the ground level of a house or in a garage are much easier to put into the truck.