Shop Level 3 (Small Repair)

Typically this is a service call. The game plays and probably looks fine. Just need to get a few items working to improve play and or performance. Typically involves an hour, maybe two.

Repair Information

We repair / service arcade video games & pinball machines.

We do not repair Jukeboxes, Slot Machines or home console video games...

Shop Level 2 (Average Repair)

Mechanical/Electrical elements are repaired as necessary to make them functional. General illumination, flashers and rubber rings are replaced as-needed. Pinball playfield is cleaned and waxed. Typically involves a few hours of labor. A greater savings can be had if brought to the shop.

Shop Level 1 (Large Repair)

This can only be done at the shop. Pinball playfields or arcade cabinets are stripped down for a complete cleaning and inspection. Every element of the game is checked, cleaned, adjusted, repaired or replaced as necessary. Many worn parts are replaced with new parts even though they may not actually be broken to bring the game play back to factory new. Game is restored to as close to new condition as possible and cosmetics are given the same attention if requested. Typically requires 10 to 20 hours labor depending on condition and complexity of the project